Röchling takes over Compotech AG

In March, Röchling Industrial took over the SMC specialist Compotech AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland, retrospectively as of January 1, 2023. From July 1, 2023, the company will be called Röchling Industrial Weinfelden AG.

Röchling Industrial Weinfelden AG in Weinfelden, Switzerland: The SMC specialist specializes in the manufacture of large-format molded parts made of glass fiber reinforced composites and fits perfectly into the Composites division of Röchling Industrial.

Röchling Industrial is thus consistently pursuing the path of renaming its now 43 worldwide locations according to the uniform pattern from Röchling Industrial and adding the location name.

"The reason for the name change is to make visible the strategic focus of all activities on the industries in which we serve our customers," says Franz Lübbers, Member of the Röchling Group Board of Management and responsible CEO for the Industrial division, explaining the decision to merge all Industrial subsidiaries to be named uniformly worldwide.

In this way, Röchling communicates the industry orientation of the Industrial division to the market on the one hand and creates a uniformity that connects all locations and employees on the other.

“With the renaming of Compotech, the idea of synergy becomes particularly clear. The products and the material and application know-how of the new Swiss colleagues are an ideal complement to our activities, especially in the field of rail vehicle construction," emphasizes Florian Helmich, COO Röchling Industrial.

Röchling Industrial Weinfelden specializes in the production of large-format molded parts made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The components manufactured using the SMC pressing process are further machined on CNC machining centers. The high-quality painting, bonding and assembly of whole kits are also part of the offer.

The new location is already integrated into Röchling Industrial's Composites product line. Together with the locations in Haren/Germany, Nancy/France and in Cleveland and Mount Pleasant in the USA, it forms a unit that produces SMC molded parts, pultruded profiles and pressed sheets, wound components up to precisely machined and assembled modules with a unique know-how for fiber-reinforced composites.

"With the new name of Röchling Industrial Weinfelden, we are signaling to the market that Compotech is now included in a powerful group with a unique range of composite products and services that offers customers real added value," says Uwe Kassens, Director Europe Composites responsible for the activities for composite materials at Röchling Industrial.




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