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At a company with 92 locations in 25 countries and with 11,737 employees, there's always something happening. With this in mind, we have developed our image brochure and our Röchling magazine to showcase the tremendous dedication of our innovative colleagues. Ultimately, it is the people who work there who make Röchling such a unique company: a world-leading plastics expert that is a pioneering, excellent, and reliable partner for its customers.

Röchling magazine

Once a year, our customer publication “Röchling magazine” provides a comprehensive insight into the world of the international Röchling Group, focusing on current trends and topics, such as how automotive manufacturers use Röchling innovations to improve their efficiency. How do plastics from Röchling support safe medical treatment for children? How are technical plastics contributing to the development of efficient machines? We also like to take a look at extraordinary stories. Did you know that Röchling plastics are also used to catch crocodiles in Australia?

We give our Röchling experts the chance to have their say, find out the opinions of our customers and talk to external experts. The varied visual layout ensures an enjoyable reading experience. We wish you a stimulating read!

Röchling Image Brochure

"You can rely on it" - is the title of our this year's image brochure. It highlights the importance of security and trust from different perspectives. In addition, we publish the key economic figures for the financial year and interesting reports from our divisions. Using a few examples, we show how important it is that our customers and partners can rely on us.

Among other things, the Automotive division provides an insight into the trusting, reliable and successful cooperation with external experts, universities and research institutes. The Industrial division reports on the decades of cooperation between the Röchling site in Xanten and the Liebherr Group.and the Medical division focuses on the important process of product traceability. These background reports illustrate: You can always rely on Röchling's quality standards and the expertise of its employees.

The importance of trust and reliability even outside of everyday work is documented in the employee reports about a passionate diver and a volunteer firefighter.


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